Test-Retest Reliability of Modified Hand Test


  • Fayyaz Ahmad Anjum, Iffat Batool


The present study was carried out to establish the test-retest reliability of Modified Hand Test (Anjum & Batool, 2017). A total of 50 participants were selected for retest in random fashion from a larger sample of 500 participants. The ages of the participants ranged from 11 years to 70 years with mean age of 34.42 (±SD =17.17). The sample was retested with an average period of three and half months. Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient remained statistically significant at .01 level for six categories: affection (r= .61), direction (r= .56), description (r= .54), bizarre (r=.48), communication (r= .44), and tension r= (.40) respectively. Further, correlation coefficient is demonstrated to be significant at .05 level for four categories: crippled (r= .34), aggression (r=.30), fear (r=.29) and failure (r= .20). Moreover, for remaining four categories the correlation coefficient is found to be insignificant: action (r= .23), dependence (r= .19), passive (r=.09), and acquisition (r= -.08). The satisfactory results of present study are an encouraging factor for researchers to use modified version of Hand Test in future studies.




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