Dysfunctional Parenting as a Determinant of Relational Aggression


  • Anila Mukhtar, Anjum Ara Jahangir


Present research aimed to study the dysfunctional parenting as a determinant of relational aggression (RA) among adolescents. The “dysfunctional parenting” specifically associated with two key factors i.e., care and overprotection of both mother and father was focused. It was hypothesized that “Mother care, mother overprotectiveness and father care and overprotectiveness would have a predictive relationship with relational aggression among adolescents. A stratified random sample of 304 male and female adolescents between ages of 17 to 21 years with mean age of 19.11 (±SD=0.88) was selected from the University of Karachi. The Diverse Adolescent Relational Aggression Scale (Karla, 2010), and Parental Bonding Instrument (PBI), (Parker, Tupling, & Brown, 1979) were administered. The results of linear regression analysis revealed that mother care, mother overprotection and father care are significant predictors of relational aggression whereas father overprotection was not found to be significant predictor of relational aggression in adolescents. Implication and suggestions for the future research work have been given.




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