Ethical Guidelines

  1. Submission of a paper implies that it has not been published elsewhere and that it is not being considered for publication in any other journal. Authors have to submit the ‘Agreement Form’ (download from here), confirming the above-mentioned issues and duly signed by all the authors of an article.
  2. Authorship credit and ‘principal authorship’ should be decided prior to conducting research and only those articles will be considered for publishing which is accompanied by the above-mentioned form signed by all authors in the agreement of authorship.
  3. Authors are solely responsible for the opinion expressed and for the accuracy of the data contained in their articles.
  4. The PJP requires authors to pay due respect to the well-being and dignity of research participants. The Ethical Guidelines on Conducting Research with Human Participants must be shown to have been carefully followed.
  5. Authors are requested to avoid the use of sexist language.
  6. Authors are responsible for acquiring written permission to publish lengthy quotations, illustrations, etc. for which they do not own copyright.
  7. All articles should contain a clear statement of where and when any data were collected.
  8. If tables, illustrations, or photographs, which have already been published are included, a letter of permission for republication should be obtained from the author(s) as well as the editor of the journal where it was previously published.